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We specialize in bringing qualified foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar , Mizoram and the Philippines to Singapore. Indonesian maid is our key source of supply and we are one of the leading supply with our own training center in Surabaya, East Java.

We train our maids according to the employer’s requirements. We are devoted to identifying the appropriate applicant for the right household as well as strong supervision from our experienced and dedicated EA personnel.

We pledged to be trustworthy, transparent and honest with all of our customers. We listen to and grasp our clients’ needs in order to meet your requests.

Back up with our 10 years of experiences supplying over thousands of household with the right helpers.

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Why Hire a Home Helper in Singapore?

Foreign domestic workers (FDWs) are also known colloquially in Singapore as domestic helpers or maids. They carry out domestic tasks at home including cooking, cleaning, and other errands, thus ensuring a clean and happy home for busy families. Since many family units now compose of two incomes, it makes sense to hire someone to ensure that everything at home is being managed properly. FDWs are frequently hired from a domestic helper agency or a maid agency, with the top maid agency in Singapore frequently featured in many local magazines.

Maid agencies in Singapore train their FDWs before recommending them to families, providing helpers not just with basic education in English as well as a knowledge of how to navigate Singapore, but also the foundations of home help and professionalism. A maid agency in Singapore or domestic helper agency will ensure that the FDW is ready to commence work as soon as they are onboarded into the client’s family and home.

With a home helper, you can spend more time with your family. A home helper will take care of all the chores in your house so you don’t have to worry about anything else, and ensure that you have nutritious meals for your entire family while everyone works hard either at work or at school. Hiring a home helper from the best maid agency will relieve your worries as they undergo extensive training and matching to ensure they are suited to your household.

In fact, many home helpers also double as caretakers for children or the elderly. Some helpers, who have more experience working in Singapore as well as additional education from their maid agency, can provide in-home care for families with dependents who need it as well, including those with physical or mental disabilities.

How much will it Cost to Hire a Home Helper in Singapore?

Hiring a home helper from the best maid agency is not expensive—it can actually be cheaper than hiring an outside cleaner to come and clean your home once in a while. The top maid agency in Singapore will ensure the best bang for your buck, providing high-quality and trained services for your household in exchange for an affordable fee as well. While certain countries may require an additional levy for FDWs of that nationality, this is often taken into account based on the client’s budgets. The top maid agency in Singapore will also take care of all the paperwork that is needed to be filed, including filing for insurance and submission of the application for an FDW.

Any recommended maid agency in Singapore, especially us at AMR Maids, will also guide new employers of FDWs through the system, including the class that is mandated by MOM in order to be able to hire an FDW. Our maid agency in Tampines has a long history of ensuring client satisfaction with their home helpers and maids, and we have been the recommended maid agency in Singapore for several years, winning various awards based on our service.

For more information on hiring an FDW/home helper/maid, please drop by our maid agency in Tampines for a discussion!