Migrant Workers Segment

Migrant workers Segment

We are a Ministry of Manpower ( MOM ) licensed company for the foreign worker supply. We provide competent workers from Bangladesh, India, China and Myanmar.
We specialize in sourcing and supply general, basic-skilled and higher-skilled foreign workers for the construction sector. Our company director has more than 20 years of experiences in the construction industry and fully understand the skills’ requirements of the various construction trades.

We are :

    • Dedicated to provide the best services by matching the right workers to the employers.
    • Committed to be your trustworthy business partner in manpower resources.

Manpower Specialization in Construction Trades 

    • Steel reinforcement / Rebar workers
    • Aluminium / Timber Formwork workers
    • Precast Installers
    • Joinery / Carpenters
    • Door & Window Installers
    • Tilers
    • Plasterers / Brick layers
    • Plumbers & Pipefitters
    • Electrical / wiring installers
    • Drivers & Operators
    • General workers

What we do  : 

  • Work Pass Applications
  • Work Pass Renewal
  • Security bonds
  • Workers Insurance
  • MOM Thumbprint
  • Medical Check Up
  • Arrangement & Registration of Settling-in Programme & Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC)
  • MOM related consultancy services

    General Information for hiring migrant workers in the Construction Sector

Company must have valid Building Construction Authority (BCA)/Singapore List of Trade Subcontractors (SLOT) Registration Certificate.

Work Permit (WP) is generally issued to unskilled or semi-skilled migrant workers of a 2 year duration, subject to the validity of the worker’s passport, the security bond and the worker’s employment period, whichever is shorter.

The worker is only allowed to work for the employer and in the specified occupation.

Quota and levy

The number of Work Permit holders that you can hire is limited by quota (or dependency ratio ceiling) and subject to a levy.

Under the construction sector quota, you can employ 7 Work Permit holders for every local employee who earns the Local Qualifying Salary.

In addition to quota, NTS and PRC workers are subject to man-year entitlement (MYE) requirements. They may qualify for a waiver if they have at least 3 years of construction experience in Singapore. MYE does not apply to Malaysian and NAS workers

Source countries for migrant workers

  • People’s Republic of China (PRC)
  • Non-traditional sources ( NTS ):
    • India
    • Sri Lanka
    • Thailand
    • Bangladesh
    • Myanmar
    • Philippines
  • North Asian sources ( NAS ):
    • Hong Kong (HKSAR passport)
    • Macau
    • South Korea
    • Taiwan


Age of migrant workers

The minimum age for all non-domestic migrant workers is 18 years old.

  • Malaysian workers < 58 years old and
  • Non-Malaysian workers < 50 years old

Maximum period of employment for NTS & PRC.

  • The maximum number of years a worker can work in Singapore construction industry on a Work Permit is as follows:

NTS, PRC – Basic-Skilled (R2), i.e. SEC, SEC(K) <=14 years

Higher-Skilled (R1) <= 26 years, i.e. those who have upgraded through  coretrade, multi-skilling scheme, direct R1 pathway and Market-Based Skills Recognition Framework (MBF)

No maximum period of employment for NAS & Malaysian

At least 10% of your construction Work Permit holders must be Higher-Skilled (R1) before you can hire any new Basic-Skilled (R2) construction workers or renew the Work Permits of existing R2 construction workers.

All workers can only work up to 60 years of age.

Things to do:

The CCAA concept for Work Permit Application


Identify the need and category of workers ( skills, R1 , R2, new workers or Workers with 3 years experiences in Sg, U Turn workers ).

Utilize MYE or MYE waiver Levy


Check Quota

Check MYE

Check worker’s particulars in the passport, identity card and certificates.

Check worker’s experiences and past track record.

Check worker’s medical history


Accommodation & SHN if applicable

Transportation and meal

Purchase of Security bond and insurance

Personal protective equipment

Registration of Industrial courses

Apply :

 PA and or IPA

Work permit ( WP )

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