Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • One Stop Service for Placement of New, Transfer & Direct hire Foreign Domestic Workers(FDW) from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar
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  • In-house Training courses for FDW

A High-Quality Home Life at Low Costs

Engage a cheap maid agency in Singapore to land yourself a wonderful helper at home, who can save you time and money, and is experienced in managing household tasks, chores, and errands that will otherwise take up your precious time.

Helpers from a cheap maid agency can provide companionship for both children and elderly family members who may live alone or who might spend a lot of time alone if the main breadwinners of the family are out of the house. This allows the heads of households to focus on work or other responsibilities outside of the house. Having a home helper means having peace of mind knowing that there is always someone at home to take care of things when you’re not there.

Unlike external helpers, home helpers stay with the households they work with to ensure easy access, and this allows an increased level of trust and supervision over the work they do. This provides employers with an ease of mind compared to hiring third party workers. Furthermore, by hiring a helper at home on a more permanent basis, it becomes possible for employers to specifically train their helpers to be able to do tasks that are specific to their families.

In addition to the basics, some employers have taught their helpers to assist with individual family tasks: some learn to cook and make specific ethnic dishes so that the family can enjoy them, some learn to prepare materials for celebrations for the family, and yet others are taught various methods of childcare or home care to ensure that family members receive the best attention they can get. In this way, helpers are incredibly versatile and over time, as they become a part of your household, can become difficult to replace and an essential part of the daily running of your home.