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Ohnmar Myint Myint Bo

Ref Code: AMRMS6581
Name: Ohnmar Myint Myint Bo
Type: EX – SG
Nationality: INDONESIAN

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Base Salary: 650
Rest Day Preference: 1
Date of Birth: 19/07/1990 (33 years old)
Place of Birth: Taikkyi
Siblings: 2
Height/Weight: 152cm / 55 kg
Religion: BUDDHIS
Marital Status: SINGLE
No. of Children: –
Education Level: HIGH SCHOOL
Allergies (If any): NO
Passport Status: Ready
Interview: Pending Interview
Availability: Available

Ohnmar Myint Myint Bo is 33 years old, SINGLE, and is from Taikkyi, MYANMAR. She has experience working as domestic helper in SINGAPORE. She has experience to do all around Cooking General household Taking care of Children. She wants to come to Singapore to support her family.

Employment History

20018 to 2022 – SINGAPORE

Cooking General household Taking care of Children.

She is available for interview via video conference by prior to arrangement,  feel free to contact 83839448 Rosmini / 92314678 Arissa / 96522662 Zana / 89083886 Naimah / 83177711 June / 92366776 Suzana/ 82633366 Lydia / 8031 0900 Amirah for more details.


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AMRMS6581- Ohnmar Myint Myint Bo

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