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    Top Philipines maid Agency

    In Singapore, there are close to 240,000 foreign domestic workers, of whom 33% are Filipino. Taking care of children and pets and managing the homes of local and foreign families. The hiring procedure and salary requirements vary based on the nationality of the maid, and employers must be aware of the various regulations.

    AMR Maids is an organization in Singapore that assists families by offering customized domestic help services. Our team knows of each family’s particular requirements and preferences. We work closely with them to find the best Filipino maid or domestic assistant for their unique needs.

    Why Choose Filipino Maids?

    Despite the fact that there are numerous foreign domestic workers in Singapore, many people prefer to hire a Filipino maid. There are many advantages of employing a philipines maid.

    Filipino domestic helpers are considered among the most popular domestic helpers in Singapore for various reasons. Many employers think domestic helpers from the Philippines are better suited to do more complex tasks than other countries. When it comes to their requirements, Filipino maids are more aware of what their employers expect from them.

    Here are the top 4 reasons Singaporeans choose to hire a Filipino maid!


    Filipino housekeepers are well-known for their professionalism. They are constantly in demand since they often have a great track record. They also signify professionalism and dedication to the long term. There are some qualities of a professional Filipino housekeeper include:

    • They pay attention to the details of their job-related responsibilities.
    • They perform their responsibilities with great efficiency and reliability.
    • They are kind and patient in nature.
    • Maintain the utmost confidentiality and respect the privacy of the home.
    • They are quite good at adjusting to the demands of the workplace and household.

    Excellent Communication Skills

    It becomes much easier to communicate with Filipina maids because they are proficient in English. They are perfect to care for infants and the elderly. They are easy to train because they speak English well.

    As they speak English well, you can explain your expectations to them and provide them guidance on how to do the chores and clean. Your directions will be carefully understood and followed.

    Friendly Nature

    The maids from the Philippines are very friendly and respectful of everyone. If given the responsibility of being nannies, Filipinas will look after everyone as if they were members of their own families. They will offer kind and gentle care. Because of their exceptional skills, they will make both younger and older individuals feel comfortable around them. This is one of the primary reasons Singaporeans choose a Filipino maid.

    Hard Working

    Filipina maids are indeed hard workers who are committed to completing the tasks assigned to them. They excel in various jobs that complement one another and have a strong work ethic. They can take on a variety of responsibilities and assist you with a variety of activities, including cleaning and child care, because of their adaptability.

    Advantages of Hiring Filipino Maids

    Time Management

    Homeowners may better manage their time and concentrate on other necessary duties with the services of a Filipino maid. They can spend more time with their loved ones, enjoy their spare time, and pursue their hobbies.

    Better Quality of Life

    Filipino housekeepers make sure the house is tidy, clean, and inviting. This improves the quality of life for the family by creating a positive living environment. Homeowners can live comfortably and stress-free at home with the aid of a domestic helper.

    Improved Productivity

    Homeowners can focus on their jobs and other vital duties by hiring a Filipino maid to handle their household chores. Their productivity may increase as a result. They are also able to take on more work and duties because they know someone trustworthy is taking care of their home.

    Affordable Solution

    Filipino housekeepers are often more affordable to hire than nurses or caregivers. They charge less than other domestic employees because of their reputation for care, loyalty, and hard work. This makes them an affordable choice for families in need of help with their household duties.

    Comprehensive Training and Support

    AMR Maids is committed to giving our Filipino domestic helpers comprehensive training and assistance so they can fulfil their duties and satisfy their employers. We create a comprehensive curriculum that covers language competence, cooking, cleaning, childcare, pet care, elderly care, and training in infant and baby care. This will help them to create a solid foundation for their future responsibilities.

    We review and enhance our training programs to guarantee that our helpers meet the requirements of their jobs. Before deployment, our helpers complete thorough assessments of basic housekeeping skills to maintain our high standards. We customize training programs for unique requirements and are willing to work with outside partners for advanced training as necessary.

    AMR Maids dedication to thorough training and support; our Filipino housekeepers are well-prepared to handle a variety of needs of our employers.

    Services Offered by Filipino Maids

    Children Care

    The duties of caring for children of any age, from infants to teenagers, can be handled by philipines maids. They can help with things like school drop-offs and pick-ups, homework supervision, after-school events, extracurricular activities, and even fun.

    Elderly Care

    Filipino maids have received training in taking care of elderly people and those with medical ailments or mobility issues. Along with companionship and emotional support, they can assist with daily duties, including getting dressed, taking prescriptions, and washing.

    General Housework

    General housekeeping chores including cleaning the house, dusting, vacuuming, and even laundry, are typically handled by Filipino cleaners. They also excel in household tasks like maintaining the kitchen’s stock of supplies, organizing wardrobes, and cleaning the house.

    Infant Care

    Filipino housekeepers are often skilled and educated in caring for infants, including bathing, feeding, changing diapers, and providing a secure and safe environment.

    Hiring Process of Filipino Maid

    Step 1- Contact to Us

    First, you have to contact our AMR Maids team.

    Step 2- Speak to Our Consultant

    Second, discuss all your requirements with our consultant

    Step 3- Hiring Journey Begins

    Last, you have to select the right maid that matches your needs.

    Financial Considerations

    Addressing the financial considerations when looking for Filipino maid services is crucial. Understanding the financial costs of hiring domestic help is important for both employers and potential maids because it is a big decision.

    Pay: Employers are responsible for paying the Filipino maids monthly salary. Depending on criteria like experience and work needs, the wage structure may change.

    Accommodation and Meals: Employers must think about giving their maids a decent place to stay and meals, which might affect overall expenditures. Regulations in Singapore provide minimal requirements for maid accommodations.

    Insurance: It’s crucial from a financial perspective to make sure your maid has proper insurance, including medical and accident insurance. This safeguards both parties in the event of unforeseen events.

    Additional Charges: Employers should also budget for additional expenses like doctor visits, transportation, and any unexpected emergency need that might arise.

    Work Permits and Renewals: Employers are responsible for paying the fees involved in securing and renewing work permits for their domestic helpers.

    Ongoing Support and Integration

    You can rely on AMR Maids to fully provide the training and support domestic workers need to blend in with their Singaporean employers and perform at their best. We continue to encourage our workers by organizing healthy rest day programs where our maids can learn a new skill or participate in healthy rest day activities. At AMR Maids, we believe in offering continuing training and support to make sure that the working relationship between our employers and helpers is happy and fulfilling.

    Hire a Professional Filipina Maid In Singapore!

    Are you ready to hire a professional Filipina maid? Connect with ARM Maids to find your ideal match and benefit from top domestic assistance. Maintain a well-managed household with the help of a Filipina maid!


    What are the distinctions between Myanmar Helpers, Indonesians, and Filipinos?

    Myanmar assistants are adaptable but they often have low language skills. Filipinos often excel in communication and childcare abilities, whereas Indonesians are known for having a strong work ethic.

    How much does a Filipina maid cost?

    The cost to hire a Filipina maid in Singapore varies and usually includes recruitment fees, monthly wages, insurance, work permit fees, and other costs.

    What rules and laws must be followed while hiring a Filipina maid in Singapore?

    Obtaining a work permit, paying the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) fee, and upholding minimal employment standards are all requirements for hiring a Filipina maid in Singapore.